Karolien and Rick Tesselaar - Tesselaar Alstroemeria Karolien and Rick Tesselaar - Tesselaar Alstroemeria


Targeted environmental choices

For years now, Tesselaar has enjoyed growing alstroemerias, cut flowers with a long vase life. In its greenhouses, Tesselaar works with a lot of its own staff and makes targeted environmental choices.
At both production sites, Tesselaar uses a cogeneration system, which produces electricity, heat and CO2 from gas. This is the most efficient way for them to illuminate and heat the greenhouses. They have also recently started purchasing solar panels. Tesselaar employees use two fully electric cars for commuting: they’re great fun to drive, good for the environment and wallet-friendly.
Tesselaar has been working together with Koppert on organic pesticides for quite some time, as Koppert is a pioneer in this field. Along with suppliers and fellow growers, Tesselaar is looking for solutions against flower viruses, and in the context of this partnership, they look for direct customer contact in order to keep delivery lines and times short: this protects the environment and allows you to enjoy your flowers for longer.

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